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June 17, 2020

Free, educational games for kids theme Day & Night

Why is it light during daytime and dark at night? These themed activities introduce children to the theme ‘day and night’ in a playful way. They learn to recognize shadows and link simple concepts such as ‘light’ and ‘dark’. Would you like to play these free games with your child?

Download the free workbook here

All these activities are put together by our kindergarten teacher Nathalie and linked to the development goals of young children. 

SmartGames ‘Day & Night’: sustainable educational toys

With this beautiful game, children are forced to think logically by themself. When they find the solution themselves, they’ll shine with pride! This game is great because it grows with your child, making it last a long time. In addition, the toy is made of sustainably sourced wood.

For the little ones

The educational toy ‘Day and Night’ is made for children from 1.5 years on. Young children like to slide the cubes over the sticks, which promotes fine motor skills

smartgames day and night order

Educational toys from 3 years and older

Are your kids a little older? Then they can get started with the assignment book. The assignments range from basic to advanced so that these toys remain challenging as they get older.

Themed classroom toys

Are you looking for a toy that is to be used in class? Look no further. SmartGames ‘Day & Night is what you need. The challenge booklet contains different levels which makes it easy to differentiate. Preschoolers can play the game on their own, or with a friend. Single players will focus on their own development skills while when played together, interplay is stimulated. 

Get the game ‘Day & Night’ here.

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