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May 11, 2020

Free Educational Games for kids with a Medieval Theme!

Become a knight or princess and gather in the castle of Camelot, where adventure awaits! Can your preschooler help the knight and the princess find each other? Or turn the castle into a true dream palace? Our new themed activity book will help your kids learn new skills through play.

Yes, I would like this!

What can you expect from this activity book?

Created by kindergarten teacher Nathalie around a romantic medieval theme, the book focuses on the following skills:

  • Playing together
  • Comparing
  • Imagination
  • Fine motor skills
  • Number recognition and Counting

Get to know the physical game Camelot Jr.!

The knight and princess have lost each other. With wooden blocks, players must build a road that brings them back together. Kids love this game! Fun fact: children sometimes have the characters kiss when they find each other again!

Check out Camelot Jr.

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