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October 14, 2019

Enjoy this season with SmartGames

It is becoming colder and wetter outside, autumn has officially begun! Are your ready for forest walks, hot chocolate milk, pumpkins and wool sweaters?  

In this blog you will find five SmartGames that will get you in the fall mood. On rainy days, snuggle up on the couch with one of the fun SmartGames and enjoy hours of play and puzzle fun. 

Bunny Boo 

What certainly shouldn’t be missed during the fall are: rabbits! Make your little one fall-ready with this fun thinking game Bunny Boo

Bunny Boo is a unique puzzle game for children from two years. A safe way to explore the fascinating world of 2D and 3D space. Does the rabbit look through the round hole or the star? Is the rabbit on top of the yellow, red or blue block? By playing Bunny Boo, young children develop their motor skills and stimulate their spatial insight and colour recognition. Bunny Boo contains 60 challenges, from easy to difficult. 

Little Red Riding Hood Deluxe 

With this fun game from SmartGames even the little ones will get into the fall mood. Relive the popular fairy tale with this original thinking game. Can you help Little Red Riding Hood to find her way to Grandmother's house? But watch out for the wolf! 

The cherry on the cake of this fun game? A family-friendly picture book with a modern twist on the original story. 

Down the Rabbit Hole 

Winter is coming and the animals of the forest are getting ready for hibernation. Make sure that Mr. Fox, Mr. Badger and Family Rabbit have their own burrow with their own exit. But with so many forest animals living underground, they need your help, as they don't want to end up digging in the wrong place. 

Down the Rabbit Hole is a magnetic puzzle game with 48 challenges, and the game is suitable for children from five years. The game is packed in a handy booklet with magnetic puzzle pieces. 

Squirrels Go Nuts!

In the fall the leaves of the trees are turning into beautiful colours and it is raining acorns, the ideal time for the squirrels to prepare for wintertime. Can you help the squirrels to build up their winter supplies?  

Squirrels Go Nuts! is a compact sliding puzzle with an amazing design, the parts contain puzzle pieces with squirrels and rattling nuts. The game is suitable for children from the age of six and contains 60 challenges and solutions. 


It is fall in the forest. The rabbits are busy preparing for the winter months, and foxes are lurking. Can you bring the rabbits to safety? 

This game makes you think! JumpIN’ is a challenging thinking game with 60 challenges packed in a handy format with a lid. The game offers hours of fun for children from the age of seven. 

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