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March 17, 2020

Educational online games to play at home

With schools closing down, you may be looking for educational games to keep your kids occupied. We, at SmartGames, would like to help you with that. In this period, everyone wants to contribute in one way or the other. We want to do this by fighting boredom & stimulating kids to use their brains.

For this reason, we will temporarily provide FREE access to SmartGames Live and all our mobile SmartGames applications. Learning through play for everyone!  

Interested? Check out all the info here below: 

Free access to SmartGames Live (€12 value)

At SmartGamesLive.com you can play 18 free online logical thinking games and try to compete in our Today’s Hall of Fame. Currently, there are almost 700 challenges online: enough to keep your (kids) brain fit for months. How many online puzzles can you solve? 

Parents can be confident that our games are free of violence and other questionable content.

Free 6 month access to all levels in our applications (iOS)

Get free access to all challenges of our most popular games like Temple Trap and Colour Code. Are you up for the challenge? 


Do you prefer a physical SmartGame instead?

At the SmartGames e-shop we are offering free shipping for orders over €20!

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