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August 13, 2019

7 inspiring tips against boredom

If there is 1 sentence that you do not want to hear during your vacation, it’s: "Mom, I am bored!".

Boredom in children, it can work on your nerves. They don't feel like doing anything, they don't like anything, everything is boring, and they nag and nag. Sound familiar to you? It’s not always easy to come up with something innovative. We give you 7 fresh tips, especially for those moments when you just don't know it anymore. 

#1 tip: Invite friends

Although many families go on vacation, they usually don’t go at the same time. Do you want a few hours for yourself? Invite some friends of your child(ren). But, prepare well for this day! Make a plan and come up with fun activities with your kids that they can do together afterwards. That way you don't have to keep an eye on them.

Take advantage of the two-way traffic, because with a bit of luck your child will also be regularly invited and then you will have an afternoon alone.

#2 tip: Play with SmartGames

SmartGames are great to keep your child busy. The games can be played perfectly alone or with two. All SmartGames have challenges with increasing difficulty, the game starts easily and becomes more and more difficult.

Not only is time filled in in a productive way, also their cognitive, social and language skills are stimulated. Are they stuck with a challenge? Then they can quickly sneak into the solutions.

#3 tip: Being creative

Encourage your child to be creative. This can be done in various ways, for example by encouraging them to craft, perform a show or build a camp.

Being creative promotes thinking and stimulates the natural urge to research and experiment. Before you know it, your child is in deep concentration.

#4 tip: Go to camp

There are various organizations offering camps during the summer holidays. These days there is always a camp that interests your child. Camps come in all shapes and sizes, for example, you have: day camps and week camps.

Not only are camps good for your child's development, but it is also good for their social skills.

#5 tip: Play outside

What could be more fun than playing outside? Open the back door and let them play outside in the garden. Children are creative and can handle themselves. In warm weather you can fill a number of buckets and balloons with water.

SmartGames are also great for playing outside. In our previous blog we provided some games that are great to take outside. SmartGames are compact and handy to play with in the grass or under the shade of a tree.

#6 tip: View movies

Together with your children, convert the living room to a mini cinema. Lay a mattress on the floor with pillows and blankets around it. Prepare tasty and healthy snacks, such as: unsweetened popcorn or fruit salad. This is great for in between. Finally, you put on a nice film and that keeps them busy for an hour.

#7 tip: Helping in the household

If your child doesn't know what to do for a while, it can be a good solution to help with a household chore. Are you going to cook? Let your child participate. Every chef can use a helper in the kitchen. 

Hanging up or tucking up the laundry is a fun chore that will keep your child busy for a while. And both young and older children can also help with brushing, cleaning up or gardening. In the meantime, give them a compliment, so they stay motivated. 

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